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VASA Front Page Exhibition #68

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Cecil B and Leodium est Fauto/Graphe


© Cecil B and Leodium est Fauto/Graph

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Curator: Stefania Zorzi

When I contacted Cécile in September 2021, I already had a project in mind on male sensuality following a sort of "Face to face" with a friend : "Boris, you have a problem with other people's bodies and even more so with their nude representation in images...". I had the idea of approaching/examining this via the self-portrait and the mirrors ... To get involved in it physically/concretely ... I was already thinking of Dorian Gray ... Not yet of Mappelthorpe. That's why I wanted to discuss with Cécile, since it was part of her practice. To clarify in my mind the direction of this project... She accepted an appointment... 1st meeting! 

I remember the message from Boris who asked to meet me to discuss photography. He talked about self-portraits via mirrors, about my way of doing things... I don't think he had talked about sensuality yet. We met in front of one ... In front of two coffees ... We didn't talk much about "technique" but on the other hand, we exchanged on the way of perceiving self-portraits: the role of the viewer, the role of the viewed, the fact that the viewer puts in what he wants/desires/imagines ... A common vision of what photography is in general too: Japanese photography, its black and whites, a commitment, proposing what one likes to do and not what works. Boris already had his project in focus ... We quickly came to the fact that the landscape of self-portraits was polluted by tons of images of women, often (ultra)sexualised to the detriment of subtlety. But also that men were either absent or ... body-built kids ... We are both 47 years old!

© Cecil B and Leodium est Fauto/Graph

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