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Kharkiv School of Photography:
Soviet Censorship to New Aesthetics: Part 2 -- late 1980's-90's

An important part of this exhibition are the interviews, the stories, told by some members of the
Kharkiv School of Photography.

The videos provide a slice into the lived experience of the photographers who were
photographing in the late 1980's and 1990's.

Interviews were conducted in Russian/Ukranian and subtitled in English by Igor Manko, co-Curator
* videos may be viewed at full screen.

Kharkiv Museum of Fine Arts, Valentina Myzgina, Director Curtesy of In-hibition Project, Curators Lesya Kulchinska, Serhiy Klymko, Center for Visual Culture, 2013

Vladimir Starko's Interview 2014

Misha Pedan's Interview

Bratkov's Exhibition Opening 1998



Igor Manko tells a story that happened in 1989 to
provide an example of life for photographers
under Soviet rule


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