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© Carla Della Beffa "Home Video"

Since we all have the same needs, the places where we live are basically the same and yet very different. Home Video has been produced around Europe, wherever I could find someone ready to invite me in and let me film the place they call Home. 
Carla Della Beffa, 2015

I Am Charlie

We can not let a few take away our voices.
VASA stands with others who stand.


Women's, Multicultural, and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Caucuses

Kharkiv S
chool of Photography: Soviet Censorship to New Aesthetics 1970-1980 Part 1

Cristina Lucas

Connections: Online Portfolio Reviews

VASA Connections is a professional development online platform offering access to expert reviewers and project consultants.

VASA Journal on Images and Culture

Issue #7 is available online

NEW Manuscript:
Indian Art- The moderns by Eleonore Chowdhury

New Visual Discourse:
Love Letters by Iris Anam Cara

VJIC is publishing works in 3 formats in an effort to break away from the traditional journal format.

VJIC will publish continious manuscripts, visual discourses, thematic issues, and invited authors publish a sequence of manuscripts.

VJIC is now accepting manuscript, portfolios, and book discussions on Visual culture, Media Literacy, Digital Media Art, Visual Literacy, or Photography for 2014-15. Email VJIC editor for more information.

Witness Ukraine

Witness: Ukraine is aimed at displaying images and videos of Ukrainian photographers and video makers to the world audience. VASA, through its Witness platform is giving voice to individual image makers in the Ukraine. All aspects of Ukraine’s contemporary life, all genres of photography and video from reportage to art photography/video will be represented.

Witness Ukraine started on 15 May 2014.


Reviews, Artist Profiles, Essays, contact Transmedia to contribute notices, reviews, essays. Current posts include "Month Of Photography in Bratislava" and Photography Gallery of Vienna

Current Exhibitions: See side panel

The VASA Project is designed as an online center for media studies focused on photography, digital video, criticism, visual studies, and new media.

The VASA Project is based upon the union of two familiar environments: the traditional media center model and online networked communities.

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