Are all workshops online?

All workshops are online and are designed for Mac or Windows environments.

What level of computer skills do I need to participate?

Most workshops require basic computer and Internet skills. For more detailed information refer to the class description.

Do we ever meet face to face?

No, in some workshops class or teams will meet in a video conferencing program. Video and audio conferencing create a sense of presence. Some of the 5 week workshops use "Skype Conference" call for a weekly workshop meeting.

Do I have to buy expensive software?

No, except in rare cases, each workshop will use open-source, free, or demonstration applications. For more detailed information refer to the class description.

What computer hardware do I need to take a workshop?

Any computer purchased in the last 3-5 years will meet most workshop needs. You will need a webcam, and a headset with mocrophone. For production workshops refer to the course description.

If the workshops are open to global participation, what language are they in?

All workshops are in English. But note, what makes the VASA workshop experience is its potential for global participation. Many students will not have English as their first or main language.

Where do I find more information on the workshop content?

Go to the menu item, which says "Workshop".

How many times per week do I need to “login” to the workshop and how much time do I need to set aside?

This depends on the workshop. As your participation grows in the workshop experience you will find yourself logging-in more often. Also, depending on the workshop, the assignments will be different. Remember, the workshops are not designed for the participants to be passive observers, but as active and engaged participants.

How big are the workshops?

Workshops will generally range between 5 and 10 participants. Usually 5 students are required to start a workshop. The workshops are designed to encourage active engagement of each member.

Are these individualized workshops where I work through the curriculum by myself?

No, the workshops are designed as learning communities. The workshops are not self-paced, individualized classes. You learn from others and others learn form you.

Are CEUs available for completing the workshops?

At this point in time we have no arrangements for CEUs. If you need CEU credit please let VASA know.

How long will a workshop last?

Most workshops last 5 weeks, but depending upon the content some may be shorter or longer.

How do I pay for the workshop?

We accept payments through PayPal. with PayPal you may use a major credit card or your PayPal account. Note: all workshop fees are in US Dollars. PayPal will convert your currency to USD.


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