VASA Gallery Talks are open to individuals, classes, and organizations free of charge.

VASA Gallery Talks present working artists, leading critics, and theoreticians in an online interactive forum with participants potentially on a global scale. Drawing from the traditional format of presentations in a media center, museum, or art gallery, VASA Gallery Talks use live online meeting rooms for presentations and discussions. The presentations are recorded and placed in the VASA video archive for future viewing by educators, students, researchers, and artists.

For a schedule of presentations please refer to the Upcoming Talks page and .

How to participate:

Participants register for the free Gallery Talks and receive login information. Fifteen minutes before the event, registered participants login to the VASA Gallery Talk site. Participants may interact with the presenter through audio and text. Broadband is required.

VASA Gallery Talks are free and open to individuals. If you wish to support the Gallery Talks please make a donation through PayPal by clicking the Donate Now button below.

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Roberto Muffoletto

The mission of the VASA Gallery Talk program is to provide access to the work and ideas of artists, curators, critics and others.

To help keep the gallery talks FREE, please give your support.